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Becoming an Examiner Becoming an Examiner

Becoming an Examiner

Welcome! Following this training course, you will be a fully certified Lexplore Examiner for your school or organisation. The course consists of seven different lessons, six theoretical and one practical. Each lesson contains a number of different topics and a short quiz to test your knowledge. You can monitor your progress at the top of each page.

* Remember, in order to progress, you need to mark each topic and lesson complete after working though the video content. Once you have completed the entire course you will sit a short examination before receiving your certificate.

This will ensure that you are confident using the equipment, the Testing Application and know all the guidelines for delivering high-quality approved results for your school. The course should take you about 2-3 hours to complete, including the practical lesson, but don’t worry if you cannot work through all the content in one go. You can always return and continue from the Topic or Lesson you finished on.

The content will always be available to you even when you are certified. This allows you to easily go back and review a specific lesson or topic should you need to refresh your knowledge before testing.

You can also find lots of articles and guides to help answer your questions or concerns within the Lexplore Knowledge Base.

Good luck!

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