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Fluency App – Above average (gray)

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Grades K-1 

It recommended to provide this reader with targeted small group lessons in advanced systematic phonics and decoding skills several times weekly. In addition, this student would benefit from fluency practice in multisyllabic words using the Fluency App several times each week. 

Grades 2-4 

It is recommended that the student receive explicit instruction in advanced phonics skills, fluency, comprehension and vocabulary to support his/her continued progress. In addition, this student would benefit from fluency practice aligned with the phonics instruction using the Fluency App.  

Grades 5-8 

This student would benefit from explicit instruction in advanced phonics and decoding skills with multisyllabic words and words with affixes followed by fluency practice using the Fluency App. Explicit instruction in content area vocabulary and comprehension skills would also support the continued progress of this reader.