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The Navy Level The Navy Level

The Navy Level

Students directed to the Lexplore Intensive Navy Level have demonstrated high levels of reading capability. They have shown that they already have strong decoding skills and are able to use their sight-reading abilities to read through material fluently and confidently. The Lexplore Intensive High Level contains our most challenging material, including greater information on the morphology of words (particularly in relations to affixes), students will then look at additional homophones; homographs and homonyms; use the words they have encountered to improve their writing; work on their proof-reading skills; their comprehension (through sentence completion), before moving on to the final section of high frequency and tricky words, together with subject specific spellings and spellings in general.

Lexplore Intensive PDFs

It is hoped that the skills developed and nurtured in the Lexplore Intensive Programme, have supported students in moving from learning to read, to reading to learn, together with reading for information and pleasure. Many of the skills and practices used throughout the programme can be further extended, according to the interests of the student and the instructors too.

At this level, students should be able to work through Lexplore Intensive Navy Level activities with a peer on the same Lexplore reading level. Instructors should supervise students during their work, in case they need support, although they should be able to offer each other help if one encounters a challenging word they cannot decode, using the skills they have been practicing. If at any point a student begins to struggle with the content of this level, instructors can offer them the Lexplore Intensive Above Average Level activities.

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Digital Student Material

Affixes: Suffixes and PrefixesHere


Homographs and HomonymsHere

Correct the ErrorsHere

Sentence CompletionHere

High Frequency and Tricky WordsHere

Subject Specific SpellingsHere