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Lexplore Fluency Practice and Precision Teaching using Lexplore Intensive Lexplore Fluency Practice and Precision Teaching using Lexplore Intensive

Lexplore Fluency Practice and Precision Teaching using Lexplore Intensive

Recommended Fluency Practice and Precision Teaching methods

Practicing decoding and fluency over an intensive period is a method that produces quick results when trying to improve reading. At Lexplore, we recommend our Fluency Practice and Precision Teaching methods for those pupils who struggle the most with their reading.

Fluency Practice

In order to improve reading fluency, we provide Fluency Practice exercises for both large and small groups. Whilst it is not its main purpose, you could also use this with individual pupils too, if needed.

Fluency Practice exercises can be found in our online, digital library. Exercises are then assigned at the appropriate Lexplore colour level and pupils practise reading in pairs, taking turns to read their individual section out loud. As these exercises are assigned online, teachers have control over the fluency exercises that the pupils are practising (exercises can also be downloaded and printed).

In the library, you will also find a number of books that are appropriate for each coloured Lexplore reading level.  As a teacher, you are able to choose whether your pupils have access to all the books or perhaps just one book that, for example, practices a particular sound. In addition, when reading, pupils’ progress is automatically saved and they can pick up where they left off each time.

Here you will find the academy course Library and Fluency

Lexplore Intensive

Pupils who struggle the most with reading, mainly those at low and below average reading levels, may need individual support. For this purpose, we offer Lexplore Intensive as PDF documents. These documents provide step-by-step precision teaching methods to conduct one-to-one, at the right coloured Lexplore level, for the readers who struggle the most. These documents are also supported by a tool to track the pupils’ progress, and a simple guide on how to conduct these exercises with the students. Lexplore Intensive is available for pupils at all reading levels.

What is Precision Teaching?

Precision teaching is a structured teaching method that is designed to improve the accuracy and fluency of reading, spelling and maths. The main goal of precision teaching is to target and improve specific skills within an intervention. Precision teaching is often used with children with SEND who might need additional support, and is a useful tool to help accelerate their progress. You can learn more about this method via the link below.

Here you find more information about Lexplore Intensive

Automatic recommendations for years 1-3

The youngest pupils, those in years 1-3, are automatically assigned fluency books at the correct reading level as determined by the assessment. We recommend that you carry out this reading training using the fluency books with the whole class between assessments to ensure that young pupils get the opportunity to practise decoding and fluency, regardless of reading level.

Red (low level) fluency books will automatically be distributed to pupils who are not yet reading (emergent readers).

For pupils who are “Emergent Readers”, we recommend referring to the Pre-Reading Level guide where you will find appropriate exercises and instructions to meet their needs.

The Pre-Reading Level guide can be found here!

Teachers can recommend Fluency Practice in years 4-9

For older pupils, fluency books will not automatically be distributed. However, if you have pupils who need extra practice, you have the option to choose which fluency books you would like your pupils to read, and recommend them.

When pupils log in to the Library, they will see which books have been recommended to them by their teacher. Experience has taught us that not all pupils are motivated by the fluency books, especially older pupils, which is why you have the option to recommend fluency books after each assessment. You know your pupils best.

We recommend that you share the fluency books at the correct level to the pupils who still need structured decoding practice and that they get this support in a smaller group setting. This mainly applies to pupils at the low and below average reading levels.

We recommend using novels and other types of literature for paired reading as fluency training in the whole-class setting in these year groups. This gives pupils the opportunity to practise other skills, such as maintaining the appropriate tempo and using proper intonation.

Additional recommendations and exercises can be found in our Teacher’s Guides.

Fluency books are located in the Library which you can access via the Portal. Click “Library” in the menu in the top left hand corner of your screen.

How to work with the new Fluency Books

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