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Lexplore Intensive

Lexplore Intensive is an all-encompassing reading development and intervention programme, pioneered by experienced SENDCOs, literacy leaders and dyslexia specialists Pamela Hanigan and Rachel Gelder.

The Intensive programme follows a cumulative, structured, systematic phonics programme and is broken down into five coloured categories. It is specifically designed to develop all children’s reading abilities, regardless of their individual level.

The programme contains different categories, including nonsense words, giving students structured and effective grapheme and phoneme training. This is more effective than simply using real words, which can be learnt by sight. The programme aims to help students develop their phonological skills as the foundations upon which they can build their further reading skills.

Lexplore Intensive has been developed following thorough research into the reading process and its many influencing factors. Focussing on phonological awareness and development, especially in connection to graphemes and phonemes, can greatly help children experiencing specific reading difficulties and those reading below their age-related expectations, to build the foundational skills they need to progress.

The levels also contain high frequency (often less decodable) words, that children need to learn by sight. Overlearning, using the principles of precision teaching, will support this.

At each level you will find a PDF Instruction Booklet for teachers, a PDF Marking Booklet for teachers, as well as digital and PDF student material. These combined with our Handbook also add to teaching staff CPD, providing in depth knowledge and easily implemented strategies for the classroom.

To find out more about working with The Lexplore Intensive Programme you can also watch our introductory webinar – Here. This broadcast answers some of our most frequently asked questions and explores how you can work with the material to support both emerging and fluent readers in their development.