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The Red Level The Red Level

The Red Level

The Lexplore Intensive Red Level provides simple training to develop children’s foundations in phonological awareness and skills, through their interaction with simple, individual phonemes. Students will then work through different combinations of vowels and consonants, in the form of nonsense words, so that they can learn to link the sounds and develop their reading technique.

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Nonsense words provide a way for children to practice different sounds without the help of prior knowledge, understanding and experience, focussing solely on their decoding and blending skills. Once students have mastered their ability to combine the different phonemes at this level, they can progress towards Lexplore Intensive Red word families and high frequency words. These, more commonly seen high frequency words cannot all be easily decoded and must be learnt by sight.

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Digital Student Material

Individual Sounds and Nonsense WordsHere

The AlphabetHere

Word FamiliesHere

High Frequency and Tricky WordsHere