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Webinar Recordings

As a Lexplore Customer, you can book your place on all our upcoming webinars for free. And, if you miss the live broadcast you will be able to find a link to all our previous sessions below.

Working with Lexplore Intensive

The following webinar gives an introduction to Lexplore Intensive, our all-encompassing reading development and intervention programme, answering some of our most frequently asked questions and exploring how you can use the material to support both emerging and fluent readers in their development.

Dyslexia Awareness

This insightful webinar focuses on the common traits associated with Dyslexia, giving an overview of what to look for, whilst also providing teachers and parents with a systematic method to identify and support children with Dyslexia both within the classroom and at home.

Reading Support

This informative webinar was presented by specialist teacher, assessor and author, Katrina Cochrane. The broadcast explores how best to support children struggling with reading, presenting ideas, strategies and making reference to lots of useful resources.

Diagnostic Assessments

This webinar was presented by Karen Mace, the head of assessment and training at the BDA. The broadcast explores why we carry out diagnostic assessments and how to know that it is the right time to refer a child. It also discusses what you can learn from an assessment.

Phonics Basics

This webinar goes to the start of the reading journey and provides an overview of how to encourage phonetical awareness. It also covers some tips and ideas for helping all children, as well as older learners, to develop phonetical knowledge, making some references to specific learning differences, such as dyslexia.

Dyspraxia and Reading

This informative broadcast, presented by Donna Stevenson, highlights some of the most common traits and characteristics of dyspraxia/ DCD and explores how these might impact upon a pupil’s reading. Donna also shares some useful strategies and ideas for supporting children with Dyspraxia.

SEND Provision

This webinar with Aimee Cave gives an overview of SEND in school, focusing on diagnostics and intervention types. Aimee Cave is a practising SENCO at the first ADHD friendly school in Yorkshire and recently experienced an OFSTED inspection under the new framework, she shares her experience during the webinar.

Setting up ICT

This informative webinar is the first of our two-part series presented by Mark Fraser, an experienced Digital Learning Advisor with over 30 years experience. The broadcast explores the most essential IT knowledge to help you set up and get started, discussing common classroom problems and answering the fundamental questions that teachers need support with.

Using Software Effectively

This informative webinar is the second in our two-part series presented by Mark Fraser, an experienced Digital Learning Advisor with over 30 years experience. The broadcast explores essential IT knowledge to help you use software more effectively, discussing common classroom problems and answering the fundamental questions that teachers need support with.

Dyslexia and Technology

This insightful webinar, presented by Myles Pilling an ICT SEN Advisor with over 30 years’ experience, explores how a range of assistive tools, such as spelling, grid selection, and word prediction can help learners with additional needs. He also discusses the importance of using assistive technology with mainstream software to support all learners recording information.

Exploring Dyscalculia

This insightful webinar will present the latest in thinking about Dyscalculia and maths difficulties, including reference to the latest expert research and good practice. The broadcast, presented by Dona Stevenson, who after 14 years working with the British Dyslexia Association, joined the Lexplore team as our Training and Education Specialist.

Empowering Potential

This fantastic webinar with Arran Smith, Microsoft UK’s SEND and Dyslexia Consultant, explores how new Microsoft 365 and Windows 10 functionality can be used to provide better support for all learners, including those with neurodiverse needs. The webinar also discusses mainstream assistive technology, which people of all ages can access anytime anywhere.

The Power of Morphology

This bitesize webinar provides ideas and tips about how to better support children in your classroom and home when it comes to developing word decoding skills, with specific reference to different graphemes and orthographic language patterns. The broadcast also makes an important link to dyslexic-like tendencies.

Dysgraphia Overview

This exciting webinar with Donna Stevenson, focuses on the traits and characteristics associated with dysgraphia for primary and secondary level readers. It gives an overview of what to look out for and provides a more systematic method of identifying and supporting children with dysgraphia.

Diagnostic Numeracy Assessments

This exciting webinar is presented by Unicorn Maths Principal Sarah Wedderburn, who has over 25 years’ experience as a mainstream and SEND teacher. The broadcast examines the Diagnostic Assessment of Numeracy Skills (DANS), a set of qualitative tests for students who have difficulties.

Dyslexia Awareness

Do you think your child might be dyslexic or simply want to improve your knowledge of best practice? This insightful webinar with Specialist Teacher and Assessor Katrina Cochrane, will help parents, carers and teachers better support dyslexic learners both in the classroom and at home.

School Work Reimagined

This exciting webinar highlights ways to inspire those reluctant with reference to educational comics that turn curriculum content into engaging comic strips. These can be especially helpful to visual learners and those with dyslexia, ADHD and autism. The broadcast is presented by Rossie Stone, the creator and director of Dekko Comics.

Encouraging EAL Readers

This exciting session, presented by Dr Anne Margaret Smith, a leading expert in the field of supporting EAL learners will explore different methods and strategies to encourage reluctant readers, EAL students and those with specific literacy difficulties to develop a more positive relationship with books and develop a life-long love of reading.

Multisensory Teaching

This informative session, presented by Specialist Teacher, Assessor and Author, Katrina Cochrane, will explore why multisensory teaching is so useful for all children, including neurodiverse learners. It will also explore the range of difficulties that learners with dyslexia can experience and how to support them best both at home and in the classroom.

Independent Study Skills

This fantastic webinar with experienced Specialist Teacher, Assessor and Author Katrina Cochrane will present hints and tips on supporting primary and secondary pupils in developing study skills and effective independent learning techniques. The broadcast will also explore possible strategies to ascertain student capabilities in September and offer an insight into how best to support neurodiverse learners when it comes to independent study.

Preparing for September

This informative session with Specialist Teacher, Assessor and Author Katrina Cochrane focuses on coaching and preparing children to return to learning and school after a long absence. The hour-long broadcast presents tips and resources which can be used to help children and teachers reconnect and adjust to their new normal in September.

Q and A Webinar Discussion

Looking ahead towards the Autumn Term, we are delighted to share a recorded version of our fantastic Q and A webinar with an expert panel! With experts in the fields of SEND, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Assistive Technology and EAL Learning, this discussion provided an opportunity for parents and teachers to ask any education-related questions before their children and teachers return to the classroom following a long period of home learning.